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Mita Stojić, executive manager


We, as humanity, now more than ever depend on the Information Technologies (IT) in our everyday operations: work and business, science and exploration, entertainment and fun, health and fitness, family and socializing; i.e. in all elements that make the fabric of lives. Fortunately for us at TIAC, the infiltration of IT into all aspects of living seems to still be at its very beginning, and from this point in time it is difficult to envision the limits of the evolutionary path of IT. Indeed, just look at the amazing business trends in the past decade or two: the trends are ever increasing their pace. This increased dynamics lends a whole lot of opportunities to our business. The point is, there are opportunities all around us, and we have to be just enough innovative to turn these opportunities to our favuor.

How we see IT business

About TIAC

TIAC is a software company that, in a dynamic and vibrant environment, nurtures exceptional and passionate people working their hardest for their client’s benefit. With nearly 100 successful projects all over the globe behind us, we have gathered ample experience in a wide range of technologies, domains and sectors. Our team is capable to fulfill high demands in software development business. We focus on latest technologies, high development standards and good internal process, which ensures the quality of our products and services.

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TIAC’s primary vision is to effectively package a cutting edge technology for our customers, to fit their needs and support their business success. We are strongly dedicated to the pursuit of best practices and methods for developing high quality software and services for our customers. Fostering good and close communication with our clients is alpha and omega of the success driven by mutual understanding and trust.

Mission of our company is to apply our knowledge of software project management and software quality assurance in software development. Our goal is to achieve a high standard software process that will ensure the high quality of development. 


Story of TIAC begins in 2004 in the University city in Novi Sad, Serbia, where a group of fresh-from-college enthusiasts with a common vision decided to make their impact on software development world. The driving force behind this effort was to make things better, to do business efficiently, to find great solutions, to think creatively, to have fun, to grow and learn, to strive for excellence in the exciting and ever-changing environment.

We started small, but through time got bigger, shaped our vision, expanded horizons, but stayed true to our goals and high standards, to what we believe in and what we want to accomplish. Most of all, we stayed true to our passion - software design and development.



What does TIAC's name mean?

Once upon a time there were three undergraduates, studying hard but with a sense of humor, who used to call each other "Indians" (meaning native Americans) as a joke. But one of them was a pretty serious guy, so they decided he can't be a regular "Indian" but a "chief".

Sometime later, these three guys started working and when time came to found and name their own company, and old joke came in mind. So they called the company: Two Indians and Chief, abbreviated TIAC.

Hence, the feathers on TIAC's logo.



A place for new ideas and interesting projects.

Lab Image UTM

Lab project highlight:

UniTransModel web portal
UniTransModel web portal is a part of the UniTransModel project that consists of a web site, through which any member of the general public can plan their trips in the region covered by the project.

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