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Mita Stojić, executive manager



  Vladimir Mandić - chairman



Chairman, TIAC d.o.o, 10 years

Lecturer, University of Novi Sad, less than 1 year

Research and teaching assistant

University of Novi Sad, 6 years
University of Oulu, Finland, 4 years
University of Maryland, USA, 1 year

Member of the board

Vojvodina ICT Cluster, less than 1 year
Infora Research Group, 3 years


    • PhD in computer science.
    • Experience in software development, leading software teams, project management, software quality assurance, and software process improvement.
    • Participated in over 20 industry projects. Collaborated in several international research projects.
    • Experienced in leading teams and running a small enterprise - software quality assurance, HR management, cash flow management.




  Mita Stojić - executive manager



Executive manager, TIAC d.o.o, 10 years

CTO, Infora Research Group, 3 years


    • BSc in computer science.
    • Experience in software development, leading software teams, project management, software architecture.
    • Project leader on over 50 software development projects.
    • Experienced in running and managing a small enterprise – sales, marketing, sub-contracting, operations, corporate finances.



Other team roles



Project manager - Our project managers have ample experience in leading projects to their successful finish. They have been working in this role for 5 years or more and have over 70 projects of various complexity and duration behind them. They have been formally, informally and practically educated in this area and usually have wider experience in other relevant areas such as software development, business analysis, QA, etc. They are able to apply standard project management methods, using PMI best practices, as well as agile methodologies.

Guru developer - Guru is commonly defined as “a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject”. Our guru developers are people who indeed fit this definition. They have over 10 years of experience. Their knowledge starts with coding and builds up to expert knowledge across programming languages, technologies (.NET, java, PHP), databases, architectures, tools, and methods. They possess in-depth understanding of computer science and its concepts, best-practices, in both practical and theoretical sense. They have the ability to generate new concepts for creative problem solving using latest technologies and trends. They are highly motivated, driven, focused on results, able to communicate their vision and to lead others. Being a guru assumes profound understanding of the project domain, i.e. expert in both technical and domain knowledge. Usually, gurus are not hired from the beginning, but rather they are made through time working long enough on a project.

Senior developer – Senior developers have over 5 years of experience in software development, and have experience with multiple projects in different areas. This experience has given them opportunity to apply their knowledge and further grow in technologies they specialize in, but also to expand their horizons into new fields. They are independent, self-motivated, capable of solving complex problems and leading smaller teams. It is assumed that they have good analytical skills that allow them to break a problem into manageable pieces, define creative solutions, and generate a list of tasks for a successful implementation of the solutions.

Intermediate developer – Intermediate level developers have experience of multiple projects, usually within their core knowledge area. They have 3-5 years of work experience. It is assumed that an intermediate developer can receive the task and in the most cases completed it successfully on his own. Intermediate level developers are expected to come out with the concept of the solution in consultations with a senior developer on the project. They are able to work independently on most of the tasks, and with some guidance on more challenging problems. They are eager learners, good team players, but they are also able to give guidance to junior level developers.

Junior developer – Our junior developers have up to 2 years of experience. Their knowledge is usually specialized in one technology but it can range from starting to intermediate level, depending оn their previous background. They have sufficient level of skills for implementing basic tasks. Basic tasks include a full description of work, e.g. explained concept, given model, and description of procedures. Being junior however doesn’t mean that they don’t possess relevant knowledge for their job description, just that they need more experience to progress to the next level. The work of a junior developer is overseen by an experience developer who is responsible for setting tasks and accepting completed tasks. They usually have bachelor degrees and work experience of several projects.

Business analyst - Experience of our business analysts range from at least 3 years to as much as 10. The projects they have worked on range from small to large multi-modular several-year-long projects. They have also worked on projects where sole focus was to develop the software requirements specifications. They work in compliance with IEEE best practices to apply appropriate methods for requirements elicitation and to get well defined specifications. They work closely with clients focusing on their needs as well as with the rest of the project team to make sure that communication is efficient and accurate.

QA engineer - Quality engineers working with us are usually experienced business analysts as well. Their job is to make sure that the initial requirements are implemented as defined and that software works as intended. They apply various testing methods depending on the project type, size, complexity and domain. Their personal skills such as orientation to detail, analytical thinking, meticulousness, good communication skills and patience are essential part of their job description.

Team flexibility

TIACgroup is located in the university city of Novi Sad. This is a great advantage for our company for two reasons:

  • we have easy access to quality workforce with the highest level of education,
  • through cooperation with the university we can provide people with specific knowledge required by a project.


A place for new ideas and interesting projects.

Lab Image UTM

Lab project highlight:

UniTransModel web portal
UniTransModel web portal is a part of the UniTransModel project that consists of a web site, through which any member of the general public can plan their trips in the region covered by the project.

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